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Better Iraq

Present Iraq in a new way through the voices of exiled Iraqis and Iraqis inside alike. Amalgamate Iraqi voices away from the artificial divisions and barriers that were created by lack of education. Uniting Iraq's Presentation to be away from government but more around better Iraqi prominent figures, especially the secular and open minded group. Promote Iraqi Artist work as an example of the power of Iraqi people.Promote and present young Iraqis for what they have acheived. Define the steps for a better society after all these wars and destruction.

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New proposed Ja'fari law takes the Iraqi women's rights down the drain.

Iraq may not have many things to be proud for lately but at least the current personal status law, No 188, was issued...

Iraqi magazine cover in early 70s

This was the cover of a very popular Iraqi magazine in the early 1970s

Ex-soldier convicted of killing Iraqi family dies in prison

This solder is mentally channlenged to utter these words “I was punished out of proportion to everybody else,” Green ...

There's So Much Violence In Iraq The Tragedy Has Become Easy To Ignore

In late November, Prashant Rao, the Baghdad bureau chief for Agence France-Presse, found himself with a terrible, fam...

Iraqis are not depressed???, Oh wait

Source :Washington PostThe Middle East and North Africa suffer the world’s highest depression rates, according to a n...